7 Top Tips for What to wear on your pre wedding photo shoot

1. Most importantly be yourself! Of course our first and most important piece of advice is always – be yourself! The pre-wedding shoot and resulting images are primarily for you, so make sure when you look back you see yourself. Wear clothes that you’re comfortable in and make you feel at ease, whether that’s a chic dress and heels or jeans and t-shirt, it’s up to you.

2. Dress for the season/weather. This is England, it gets cold, it rains, it snows, occasionally it’s sunny. Please don’t make yourself suffer too much to look a certain way for your shoot. You can look glamorous and still be warm and it will surely be better than trying to soldier on as it will show in the images.

3. Layers offer variety. Bringing a selection of layers and accessories helps to offer a fun variety to the shoot and to explore a few different looks. Think jackets, cardies t-shirts and vest, if you can throw one on or take one off for a different look it works for us.

4. Consider your environment. To get the best images in the British countryside often we may journey a little further off the beaten track than most. It is not uncommon to see one of us lying in the long grass or scaling a nearby tree. This isn’t for our own entertainment but to in fact capture a gorgeous image. Though it’s unlikely you’ll be expected to do the same, please consider what would be sensible footwear for getting to your chosen location and we can always throw on the glam pair when we get there. The last thing we want are twisted ankles or broken heels. 

5. Brightness and contrast. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Wearing bright colours can really make for some very vivid imagery. Though black and white will always have a classic elegance sometimes a pop of colour, especially in the British countryside can really help make an image and subject, feel alive!

6. Co-ordinate your look. Perhaps not to the degree of some celebrity couples but perhaps try to consider wearing complimentary or coordinated colours that work well together with your partners clothes.

7. Leave your purse in the car. You’ll not need it so why not leave your purse or bag in the car so there are no obstacles in the way to jumping, frolicking or simply snuggling your partner. It is ok however to bring a small bag with makeup and a hairbrush with you as we are always willing to hold onto this for you whilst you are having your photos taken.  This way you can feel confident to touch up your look if the weather gets a little blustery.