What is a Post Wedding Photo Shoot?

The post wedding shoot is included in a selection of our wedding photography packages and can be redeemed up to 18 months after your wedding date. There are several potential applications for the post wedding shoot; perhaps you’re looking to celebrate your day a little further with a Cherish the Dress shoot or maybe planning for a different ‘baby shaped milestone’ on the horizon.

Cherish the dress

Brides often consider their wedding day as a once in a lifetime opportunity to feel like a princess, but why limit it to just a day? We offer you the opportunity to once again don your special dress and get some outstanding photos without the pressures and nerves of the wedding day.

Rather than packing the dress away never to be seen again let us help you celebrate how fabulous you look by taking you somewhere a little different to get some exciting and adventurous images. Rock your frock in the seaside surf, country castle or the urban sprawl, a Cherish the Dress shoot allows you all the glamour of your wedding day, with none of the pressure or restrictions.


Maternity, Newborn or Family

Not to terrify any prospective grooms out there but a wedding is usually a pretty sure fire indicator that you’ll soon be building a family together. Another popular use of the post wedding shoot is to capture some images of another miraculous milestone with either a Maternity, Newborn or Family photo shoot.

Capture the images of the mother-to-be in bloom as your little miracle grows and have some beautiful memories to cherish.

Our Newborn shoot offers you professionally produced images of your little bundle of joy at their most adorable and innocent. We advise booking this in advance as soon as you know your due date so that we can book out a window of availability. To get those quintessential newborn images we need to arrange your shoot for within the first 14 days of your baby’s arrival, when they are at their most flexible and placid.

Our photo shoot also allows you a valuable opportunity to sit back and relax while we capture some gorgeous creative shots of your little one.

The family shoot offers an opportunity to update your albums with professional photography. As the little ones grow up so fast it’s important to capture some beautiful memories as they go.

We’ll take you out for a lifestyle shoot at the location of your choosing where we can capture the fun and frivolities of family life.

Simply contact us within 18 months after your wedding to book your shoot and let us know what you would prefer to opt for. We will then contact you to organise the logistics of the day to ensure we get the best results possible.


All shoots come with access to a low resolution online gallery of your images which can be shared. Prices for prints start from £40 or equally digital high resolution images can be purchased for your own reproduction.