Sutton Scarsdale Engagement Photography

A Building in ruins but a Love Blossoming!

I'm sure that the Easter weekend was a very busy time for all and that was no different for RJH Wedding Photography though we still had the opportunity to meet with Gemma and Neil for a lovely engagement photoshoot.

We met at Sutton Scarsdale Hall on a fresh yet sunny afternoon with snow still on the ground from a recent flurry of March snow. The couple were clearly a little nervous though with a little reassurance and after a few minutes of discussing what would be doing we slowly coaxed them into the first few shots.

We worked our way around the grounds of this beautiful old grandiose Georgian mansion built in 1724-29 now sadly in ruin since 1919 when the roof was removed and dismantled. Despite the loss of this elegance the remaining features make for a beautiful backdrop to a fun and relaxed photoshoot with a lovely couple. 

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