Winter Wedding Floral Advice

Thinking of getting married over the festive season? Well here we have a little advice about what to consider for your winter wedding flower.

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Guest Poster: Lauretta Morley

Paeony Floral Design


It is so lovely to be getting married this time of year, bringing all the family together, choosing a lovely cosy venue.

But when choosing your wedding flowers there is certain factors to consider: Is the florist available on your chosen day? Can the florist get the flowers from their supplier? Are there certain varieties of flowers that may NOT be available, or only available at a premium?

First of all check with your florist to see if they are available on your chosen date, some florists can be closed during the week after Christmas to New Year as flowers are not available from the markets.

Then you will need to check if they are able to get the flowers on time for your wedding - some markets will only have chosen dates of delivery and of course you want to make sure that your flowers will be fresh for your wedding. 


During this beautiful time of year there are many varieties of flowers available namely Orchids, Roses, Lizyanthus, Gerbera's Callas and spring flowers such as Tulips and anemones are also available. However just remember that red flowers such as Roses can be a bit more expensive purely down to demand and the same could be said for any red flower. 

Unfortunately yes as a whole the flowers will be a bit more than average especially anything that is RED but there are other colours and varieties of flowers that will give as much impact that may be slightly cheaper. Like white roses and green foliage‚Äôs, gypsophila filled jam jars or for some further examples why not come and visit us for some ideas. The key is to be simple and effective with your displays. 

Also my final bit of advice is to make sure you have a good relationship with your florist. It's a very stressful time of year, especially with the weather against you. Just ringing and checking things are ok will help to keep your mind at ease and if there is any change of plans for delivery or otherwise, do let your florist know. 

I hope you found this helpful? You can always contact myself with any enquiries about your wedding on my website - I offer free quotations and advice.