Rob Harris, Lead Photographer & Owner

At 5 years old my father took me out with an old Minolta SLR camera to take a picture of the first lunar eclipse that I was old enough to acknowledge. Experimenting with long exposures and spending that time with my father was truly what started my passion for photography and ever since I've not been able to stop. 

Graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in 2005 following studying Film and Media at University I began applying these skills to photography shooting gigs for a local and national magazine before specialising in wedding photography from 2009.


RJH Wedding Photography_Alice.jpg

Alice Harris, Second Photographer

As Husband & Wife its clear that we work well together. Thankfully that also expands beyond our personal life into our professional life and together we make a fantastic team for photography.

I offer a more personalised account of the day focussing on picking up the little details that you have been planning for months during the build up. I also feed off Rob by taking the pictures between the pictures, it makes for a really fun and well balanced complete album.


So this is us, we are just like every other young couple that are crazy and in love. In fact we are just like you - recently married and well aware of the pleasure and pressure of planning a wedding.

Since 2009 we have been specialising in Wedding photography and have been privileged enough to cover some extremely beautiful weddings in some of the grandest and most exquisite venues in the country. Covering Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire certainly does keep us busy but provides some of the most inspiring scenery and, of course, the loveliest people.

We genuinely love meeting new young couples, getting to know them and finding out about how they met, how they proposed and really finding out about the people. We believe we offer a very personal yet professional service that allows to us fully understand the wants and needs of our couples so that we can be sure to deliver everything that they've hoped for. 

We have even become good friends with several of our clients, staying in touch well after the wedding day capturing additional special moments as their family begins to grow. 

For more information about RJH Wedding Photography, please feel free to explore the rest of our site or contact us directly. We would love to meet up with you to find out more about the plans for your special day.